Trinfinity8 Treatments

Trinfinity8 treatments are used to recalibrate the body and minds natural vibrational signature. It is a very non-invasive treatment and a very pleasant experience for all. The system works with subtle energy and algorithmic codes; these are transmitted into the body using quartz crystals. The codes are generated by a computer program and converted from digital to an analog signal which is easier read by the body.

Over numbers of sessions, the bodies nervous system will be regulated, energy centres will be realigned, life-force and energy will be returned or activated, and you start feeling centred and control of life once again. The latest study and understanding of epigenetic’s explains that unwanted conditions or disease are not a result of genetics instead, the signals or environment the genes are responding to. By creating signals or the environment that resonate with our authentic self (soul) our DNA and genes are expressed in a fashion that creates well-being and a natural state of joy. Regular treatments will help to maintain your ability to control or influence the signals being sent to your genes, therefore, activating the gene expression which is most likely produce the appropriate proteins for a healthy body, mind and spirit.

In conjunction with lifestyle changes, Trinfinty8 treatments in Brisbane will improve recovery and assist with the necessary brain wave changes that are needed for healing to take place. The system is designed not to heal directly but produce the right conditions in your energy field for the body to do what is very good at, which is self-healing. When the environment is very stressful, scattered, unorganised and more time spent in thought than action; the body’s nervous system will act as if it is in survival mode, and, hence will only produce the appropriate chemicals associated with surviving, to heal we need to activate conditions in the body to activate the body’s natural healing ability – Trinfinity8 treatments will assist in providing the conditions for healing.

The treatments generally go from 15 minutes to 40 minutes depending on the condition or the desires of the person being treated. I have been using this system of clients and myself for over 3 years with no side effects and very good results.