By improving our health we will evolve our perspective and by evolving our perspective we will improve our health.

Aligned Perspective Health is a lifestyle program to help you eliminate addiction and regain your health, happiness and youthful vitality.

Traditional practices and new technology.

After 20 years of living with addictions of many forms I finally sort help. This made all the difference. I was taught, by Jost Sauer (leading expert in the field of addiction), how to eliminate my addictions by managing my own health, wellbeing and perspective of life, which, quite rapidly for me, made me immune to subconscious reactions to external circumstances and no longer in need of drugs or alcohol to balance my emotions and feelings. I was taught how to regain my youthfulness and energy naturally. The training and lifestyle learned not only stopped the pain, I started thriving.

Since then my life has evolved in many ways, I have found purpose and enjoyment in helping others, reignited my relationship with myself, my wife, children and my parents and siblings (who I regularly had run ins with).

Due to the balance an improved lifestyle has given me I now enjoy and have the capacity to learn again, read and research, playing competitive sports, music and grow my own food and herbs (of which I love cooking).

My passion now is sharing what I have learned and practiced. I love teaching others to achieve the post addiction results I have enjoyed and demonstrating that drugs and alcohol can be a stepping stone to finding yourself as opposed to being a burden you carry for the rest of your life.

I bring to you experience of someone who has played the game (addiction) and had success. I offer coaching from my perspective as well as the extensive training I have done since I made this change in my life.


I have spent most of my time working with people with addictions however I found that the program will suit all who need a positive change in their lives. Addiction is such a broad term, it could be addiction to elicit drugs, alcohol, sugar, sex or even thoughts that are making us unhappy and/or unhealthy.

Addiction to me is chasing states that make you feel good which is what we are meant to do, however if, like me in the past, the only means you know to make you feel good are taking substances to obtain a ‘feel good’ state there will be consequences and side effects. The program will show how to obtain the feel good states and sustain the states without the side effects therefore ‘Feeling good’ all the time, living constantly with energy and vitality.


It is important for me to know you and also you to know me to achieve the best results. These sessions are designed to help you achieve a perspective that will serve you and allow you to get the most beneficial result out of each and every situation. I do not get stuck on ‘right and wrong’ as it is what it is and my intention is to show you how to take the positive from all past occurrences and use them to make a bright and happy future.

I will also give you lots of tools to help cope and overcome situations that create negative emotions.


Trinfinity8 is brand new Algorithmic technology designed to increase awareness and to assist the individual in attaining a state of self-balance while working to restore vitality, immunity and more. It delivers non-invasive rejuvination programmes based on mathematical code, vibrational energies and fractal formulations that are in harmony with core energetics encompassing all of nature. I also use Shiatsu, acupuncture and chi machine to assist with the relaxing of the autonomic nervous system – the system associated with change and programming.


I use a tried and tested supplement regime that will restore your vitality, boost your immune system and give you strength and flexibility to make the changes that are necessary for you achieve health and happiness.


Simple and practical changes to your diet will give you energy, eliminate swings in moods, repair your system as a whole and give you a taste for life as you experienced in your youth. I will help design a diet that works for each individual, allows you to capture as much vitamins, minerals and energy efficiently from the foods you eat. Initially it is not necessarily about removing “bad’ things from your diet it is more about adding more nutrition and letting your body regulate your needs as it regains its strength and vitality.


The exercise program is designed based on the individual. The program includes flexibility training, strengthening training, cardio training and energy training.

The right movement is important to every situation, when the body is deficient it is not healthy to start with vigorous training, therefore I tend to start slowly and increase the intensity as your energy, strength and health improves.


Perspective is governed by our health, our understanding and by information we have gathered either by external or internal means. Our perspective can either cause misery and ill health or it can set you free.

Perspective aligned with free flowing energy (health) is the key to happiness and living the life you are here to live. Aligning these elements gives you access to information (intuition) that is already within you, eliminates doubt and feelings of being lost or directionless.


By participating in this program you will have no choice but to discover your purpose/destiny, it will surface once all the blockages/stagnation are remedied. So let the adventure begin.